May 2, 2013


I love a good garage sale! Especially when it's like the one I visited last weekend, where an older couple are moving house and are doing a big clean out. So many treasures!

This footstool is in perfect condition - it actually looks like it's never been used. How much was it? $3!!! It now has pride of place by our front door, the perfect thing for the kids to use while they put on their shoes.

And ohh, how I loved Enid Blyton books as a child! Especially her stories about the Faraway Tree and Wishing Chair. I found some that I've not actually read before, so I'm really looking forward to enjoying them with my kids.

I also snaffled a funky piece of vintage curtain fabric...

 Oh, and look who I had for company under the clothesline while taking the above photo...

Meanwhile, someone else at our place has been collecting their own treasures in a secret spot under the bushes. This is the 'bower' of a male Satin Bowerbird... beautifully decorated to attract a new female friend! Blue is their colour of choice and here we have blue feathers, twine, plastic tape, labels and other scraps of man-made rubbish, plus interestingly, a few yellow feathers from a cockatoo's crest. I hope all his efforts are worth it!

The bower really is a work of art...

1 comment:

  1. You live in such a lovely spot with the bowerbirds and echidnas around.
    The bowers intrigue me- how they manage to construst the walls out of sticks (something people would struggle with) and fill it with blue treasures.
    And yoou found some wonderful treasures f your own at the garage sale.


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