May 22, 2013

Mini Mobius Cowl

Brrrr! The chilly weather has well and truly arrived here, so we're all rugged up once again.

Have you ever tried knitting a mobius cowl? I still can't get my head around quite how the cast-on works... but like magic, it actually worked! Somehow it knits from the middle of the cowl, outwards, with the circular needle forming a spiral. It's really interesting to see it progress.

After the cast-on and first couple of rows, this was a super quick and easy knit (just a few hours). Ravelled here.

I made this mini cowl for little miss with the leftover yarn from my own mobius cowl (no photos of that one yet sorry!). I think I'm hooked! I'd love to try a mobius shawl next... Let me know if you have any suggestions for patterns!


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