September 19, 2013

Off my needles

I'm sooo excited! Last night I sewed in the ends on the first jumper I've ever completed for myself (note the term completed... there are a couple of WIPs languishing around). I LOVE this jumper!

This jumper is copied inspired by Felicia's version of Il Grande Favorito, with a garter stitch front. As soon as I saw hers I knew it was exactly what I wanted to knit with the Berocco Ultra Alpaca that I had in my stash.

Happy days!

September 11, 2013

Veggie heaven :: Stage 1

I'm taking a new approach to my seed-raising this year. I've realised little bit more TLC is needed if I'm to improve my success rate.

Thank-you Jane for your suggestion to try biodegradable jiffy pots. I ended up ordering them via eBay and they arrived in just 2 days (Jane mentioned that they are also available at BigW and I would imagine the large hardware stores - if you live a bit closer to town than us!). Less root disturbance will surely help with my transplanting issues!

Secondly, no more straight-from-the-bag seed-raising mix. Using the combined wisdom from a few expert sources, I made a mix of composted cow manure, mushroom compost, potting mix and soil, and then sieved it through a colander to result in a nice fine mixture.

My trusty helper assisted with filling all the little jiffy pots. Then we planted:
4 varieties of tomatoes
butternut pumpkins
and giant russian sunflowers.

(As you may suspect, I raided the kids' craft drawers for the icypole sticks.)

I've also been advised to use a weak solution of seaweed extract in a spray bottle for watering the seedlings as they emerge and grow.

Early September and I'm feeling pretty organised for once! And I just love the next bit where we wait for the first shoots to appear, yay!

September 4, 2013

Geranium Dress

My first Geranium!

Hehe! Now I know why people say that. Now that I've made one, I can't wait to make another. Such a great pattern... it all comes together so quickly and looks super sweet!

The fabric I've used is Raindrops from Carolyn Gavin's Spring Street collection. I love this fabric! When I purchased it a couple of months ago, I wasn't sure if it would be for Little Miss or myself. So before cutting into it, I actually ended up jumping online and ordering a couple for metres more for me.

Do you have a pattern that you've made again and again?

September 1, 2013

Spring :: Day 1

Hooray! Spring is finally here! 
Time to pop on our spring frocks and get ready to create veggie heaven!

Does anyone else get super excited about how great their veggie patch is going to be this season? I love planning what will go where, topping up the beds with compost and sorting through my packets of seeds.

This year I will give my seedlings enough compost, manure and worm juice. I will keep the slugs at bay with generous sprinklings of coffee grounds and we will build a fence to keep the chooks out. This summer and autumn we will be self-sufficient for veggies... I hope!

Today we popped in some peas and beans. Potatoes, salad greens, carrots and spring onions will also start going in the ground this week.

Something I always struggle with though is starting off seedlings (tomatoes, basil, zucchini, etc) in pots and trays, in the warmth of our north windows. The seeds usually germinate okay but they either don't thrive in the potting mix, or they don't survive being transplanted into the garden.

Any tips for a good potting mix recipe? Or how to help my seedlings thrive?

Our winter veg supply is pretty much down to kale and the last of the carrots at the moment, though I'm watching with anticipation as the cabbages slowly get bigger. I've never grown cabbages before so it's quite exciting! By the time the kale runs out we should be ready to start munching through cabbages. Eight of them. Hmm...

Sadly the chooks have discovered how delicious broccoli is and have completely demolished what was left. Grrr.

Back in the pen for you girls until further chook-proofing has taken place! Job for next weekend - fence the veg patch.

Woohoo for spring!!
What did you do to celebrate the start of spring today?

You can pop over to the Garden Share Collective hosted by Liz at Strayed from the Table for more garden inspiration.
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