June 12, 2013

One year older...

Yep, yesterday was my birthday. Thirty-nine. Hmm...

Do you still look forward to your birthday? I do! And this was a good one.

Three sweet people gave me a foot massage in bed in the morning.
I received some lovely cards and cool pressies!
I sat in the midday winter sunshine at the Beechworth Brewery and had delicious pizza with family and friends.
Hubby made my favourite orange & almond cake that we shared for dessert with some more friends.
Ah, life is good! :)


  1. A wonderful birthday week for you! I am glad you like the gismo!

  2. Happy birthday for earlier in the week, Amber! I'm so glad we stopped in to your lovely, lovely shop today (wish we could have stayed and looked a little longer, but Stanley was beckoning!). You've done a beautiful job of it - it's just what Beechworth needed.

    1. Thanks Lauren! So glad you popped in - look forward to catching up again soon!


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