June 16, 2013

Grow Vitamins at your Kitchen Door

Stecher-Traung Lithograph Corporation, 1939-45 

Herbert Bayer, 1943, NYC WPA War Services

James Montgomery Flagg, 1918, National War Garden Commission

Frederic G. Cooper, 1917, U.S. Food Administration

I love these vintage posters encouraging citizens to contribute to the WWI and WWII war efforts by growing their own backyard produce and not wasting food. At the time, food rationing was in effect, giving the extra incentive to give gardening a go. But the posters also have quite a positive vibe. More posters HERE.

And really, the messages in these posters are just as relevant today, just with different motivations... reducing fuel use and carbon emissions, access to ripe freshly-picked produce with the highest nutrient content, supporting your local economy and contributing to future food security.

'Urban gardens for healthy families - Grow vitamins at your kitchen door'
'Sow the seeds of sustainability - Grow your own or buy local'
'Every garden contributes to a greener world'

What do you think?!


  1. Now I wonder what impact this might have on people today if these posters were reproduced and used as much as they had been done during war and depression times? Like you said, all of the posters are incredibly relevant to today...jeez, especially the last one. I want that in my kitchen!

    1. I want the last one too! Hmm... I wonder if it would be hard to replicate somehow?

  2. Hello Amber. I am new to your blog but I felt the need to say hello after reading your comment on Kate's blog tonight. It was very wise and something we all need to remember.

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