January 12, 2013

Myrtleford Produce Market

I love our local farmers market... no fancy cheeses, nashi wine or dozens of varieties of olive oil. Just proper fresh produce.

It's one of the few markets in our region that is on every Saturday during summer and autumn so it becomes our regular shopping venue during these months.

What I also love are all the seasonal veggies you can buy here that you would simply never see in the supermarket - fresh borlotti beans in their lovely spotty pods, zucchinis and squash in all colours and shapes, giant russian garlic, local chestnuts and tomatoes of all varieties.

This area has a significant Italian population so there are always wonderful home-cooked pasta sauces, home-preserved jars of olives and garlic cloves, and home-baked cakes and crostoli to be temped by too.

But today, these are what I particularly came for...

More about that tomorrow!

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