January 22, 2013

Banana Berry Ice-cream

I've recently discovered this super yummy and 100% healthy summer treat! The only ingredients are frozen bananas and raspberries! (I used around 10 raspberries for each banana. Plus a sprinkle of coconut to make it look pretty!) How did I not know that whizzed up frozen bananas turn into something that has a perfect, creamy, ice-cream texture?

Apparently the blending process can be done just in a food processor. I haven't tried this method yet though, as our lovely friend and neighbour Barb, has a Champion juicer with an attachment that is apparently intended for this very purpose. Ooh yeah!!

(Just checked ebay... even secondhand Champion juicers sell for several hundred dollars. However this is a less expensive alternative that I may just splash out on if I spot one secondhand.)

Note: A reminder to myself for next time - remember to peel the bananas before popping them in the freezer the night before.


  1. It was so yummy!!!!! And the coconut adds that little extra with a bit of texture.

  2. oh, yum, Amber! I am definitely making this tomorrow, we have some homegrown raspberries in the freezer along with a few ripe bananas..I can hardly wait! Thanks :)


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