January 27, 2014

Summer days

{The joy of being 5 and a half and riding your bike.}

{The joy of being 11 weeks old and lapping up the love.}

{The final harvest of our rosy red nectarines.}

{Shiny new blue sandals.}

{Lunch with wonderful long-time friends who I don't see often enough.}


  1. Saltwaters are the best aren't they Amber? I now have two pairs and the kids have them too, a slight addiction perhaps but they are just so comfortable and sturdy too which is a bonus. Summer looks good at your place :)

    1. Jane, it was actually you who first introduced me to Saltwaters! It must have been last summer that you mentioned you'd picked up a new pair from Fine & Sunny - I then had to Google 'saltwater sandals' to find out what these awesome sandals looked like! Since then I've been spotting them here and there but have only just bought myself a pair. Love them! ;)


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