March 17, 2013

Weekend in Melbourne

I've enjoyed a wonderful weekend in Melbourne with my gorgeous friend Nicole - something we must do more often!

We dropped into Offshoot, a fab pop-up shop in Northcote, where we met local designer Deb of Dear Someone clothing. Her locally-made clothing, along with that of Sherrin of Starashan (who I met at their regular store & workspace, Olive Grove Studios) and Trish & Jo of label Troika, is just my style... simple comfortable designs, original screenprinted fabrics, interesting applique or panel details and beautifully made. I purchased a slouch tee and corduroy skirt with vintage fabric applique. Don't you think it makes something much more special when you have met the person who created it or know a little of the story behind it?

We also visited the Skirt & Shirts Markets at Abbortsford Convent, where we were each purchased a beautiful handmade poncho by Tanja Kozub. The last poncho I owned was crocheted by my Mum when I was about six!

Of course there was also the obligatory coffee sipping and tasty treats. Luckily Nicole knows all the best spots around Melbourne, such as L'atellier de Monsuier Truffe - a bustling cafe hidden behind an unmarked red door in East Brunswick.

It's a rather cool warehouse-style space where not only can you eat yummy food (we had the smoked chicken and fig salad and the smoked trout quinoa salad) but they also manufacture their own chocolate in the glass-screened workshop area that's full of large and intriguing machines. Apparently the hot chocolate, of which there are several varieties, is divine... but that is something I will need to try out next time!


  1. Is that a savoury bread roll??? it looks delicious! I must try and find that 'Little Red Door' when I am next down there!!!

    Louise would've LOVED this little tour! She was often in Melb for work, and found herself wandering around the craft and eclectic shopping stores about the place!!!

  2. Hi Bernie! Err no, that would be a big fat sugary, jam-filled doughnut (hey I'm on holidays, right?!) from the Convent Bakery.
    I must say that now that I'm not living in Melbourne (and very happy not to be) I really enjoy all it has to offer when I visit. The key is having a local to take you to all the good spots though... I wouldn't know where to go in Sydney!


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